Fifty years of gathering, fishing, and unusual animal encounters

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作者:Joseph ; S. ; Lunkas[作]

出版社:Strategic Book Group


出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-62857-007-6 ; 1-62857-007-5


Fifty Years of Gathering, Fishing, and Unusual Animal Encounters: Lessons Learned of a Michigan Outdoorsman is part of the culmination of author Joe Lunkas' fascinating experiences during over fifty years as an outdoorsman.

Artfully presented, organized, and integrated, these stories strongly convey the messages and their true meanings derived from his outdoor journey of learning.

This book will ignite the flame in the hearts and minds of both novice and veterans of the outdoors, infusing a deep appreciation, respect, and love for nature. The healing and rejuvenating solitude, thought-provoking atmosphere, and the pure personal enjoyment experienced in the wild outdoors can and will be the sources of inspirations, satisfaction, and success.

'This second book in my series of three books featuring many lessons learned during my years as a Michigan outdoorsman is directed toward outdoors persons who love the outdoors but don't hunt and kill animals. I encourage the reader to consider my books as 'silent outdoor companions' during their outdoor learning quests,' says the author. His first book was Fifty Years of Deer-Stand Reflections, A Memoir of a Michigan Master Deer Hunter.


About the Author:

Joe Lunkas now lives in Mesick, Michigan. A proud Vietnam-era veteran, he worked for over forty years at General Motors Corporation, the last twenty spent as a salaried problem solver and senior vehicle development noise and vibration engineer at GM's Milford Proving Ground. As an accomplished and nationally recognized deer hunter and outdoorsman throughout the 1980s, he has had many of his freelance outdoor-related articles published. The author is working on his thi

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  • Table of Contents(第5页)
  • Introduction(第6页)
  • Section I: Gathering Lessons and Adventures(第7页)
  • Chapter 1: Spring Gathering Favorites(第8页)
  • Chapter 2: Fall Gathering Favorites(第9页)
  • Chapter 3: Gathering Natural “Things” New and Old(第10页)
  • Section II: True Fishing Tales(第11页)
  • Chapter 4: Unusual Memorable Fishing Adventures(第12页)
  • Chapter 5: Most Memorable “BIG FISH” Adventures(第13页)
  • Chapter 6: Most Memorable Ice Fishing adventures(第14页)
  • Section III: Unusual Animal Encounters(第15页)
  • Chapter 7: Rabies and Distemper in the woods!(第16页)
  • Chapter 8: Unusual Game Bird Encounters(第17页)
  • Chapter 9: Unusual Big Game Encounters(第18页)
  • Chapter 10: Unusual Beaver Encounters(第19页)
  • Chapter 11: Unusual Coyote Encounters(第20页)
  • Chapter 12: The DNR Owl(第21页)
  • Conclusion(第22页)